Our Services

All services provided by TMCCA are designed and delivered on the basis that provision of the services will prevent early admission to aged care homes and therefore enabling clients to remain living in their own homes as long as possible. Services provided by TMCCA are designated low care, where services are beyond the level of our scope referral’s to other high level care service providers can be made. TMCCA staff are available to guide you through the transition process as required.

Services available from TMCCA (subject to eligibility and prior approval) are listed below with brief descriptions about each service type. All services attract fees which are subsidised with funding from the Federal government.

Social Support Group

Under the scope of this funding we provide structured group activities designed to develop, maintain or support the capacity for independent living and social interaction.

Regular groups include:

- The Weekly Friday Group
- A Weekly Gentle Exercise Group
- A Weekly Chair Yoga Class
- A Fortnightly Men’s Group

Domestic Assistance

When you have difficulties completing simple home chores, including dusting, ironing, laundry, cleaning, etc; we can help. A fortnightly service is available whereby a staff member will call on you to carry out chores which you have most difficulty with. Domestic Assistance refers to assistance with domestic chores including cleaning, dishwashing, clothes washing and ironing, shopping (unaccompanied) and bill paying. Domestic Assistance may include help with meal preparation.

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance (Garden Services) is provided to ensure the immediate external surrounds of a client’s home are safe and accessible; any more gardening or yard work is beyond service requirements as defined in funding guidelines. Immediate external surrounds means within a few meters of the home, clear access to the post box to enable collection of mail, and a clear access to a washing line to hang out laundry. Excluded from the scope is mowing of entire properties and external window cleaning.

Social Support Individual

Social Support refers to assistance provided by a companion either in the home environment or while accessing community services which is primarily directed towards meeting the clients need for social contact and/or accompaniment in order to participate in community life. Social Support includes friendly visiting services, letter writing, shopping, bill paying and banking and telephone based monitoring services. Staff at TMCCA can provide information on a range of services to assist you to access what is most appropriate for your needs. We are happy to discuss available options with you. A variety of options are available which include outings, coffee mornings, activity afternoons and Movie days.


Transport is provided in a number of different ways. We run weekly shopping buses locally on Thursdays and to a number of Gold Coast shopping Centres on Tuesdays. In addition we provide transport to enable clients to attend medical appointments including Doctor’s, Dental, Optometry, Physio and Hospital either locally or to various Gold Coast destinations, Brisbane and Ipswich.