Tamborine Mountain Community Care Assn Inc (TMCCA) was established in 1992 to provide care for residents on Tamborine Mountain so that they could remain living independently in their homes.

TMCCA receives funds to provide services through the Australian Federal Government, Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA). In addition TMMCA accepts donations and raises money through fundraising which is used to support training programs for staff and volunteers and to fund capital projects.

  • Assist frail, aged clients to remain living in their own homes as long as possible;
  • Provide services within the parameters of the funding bodies
  • Provide designated services not funded by government from TMCCA funds
  • Encourage partnerships with other organisations in the region to facilitate services to support frail, aged residents and those with disabilities by…
    1. Establishing supportive relationships between the Management Committee, staff, volunteers, clients and carers
    2. Providing Social Support (individual and Group), Transport, Home Maintenance, Domestic Assistance and Allied Health to clients as required
    3. Ensuring holistic service provision
    4. Networking with the broader community, providers of medical, nursing and support services and government bodies


Our Strategic Goals

To Develop a Robust and Responsive Organisation by:

  • Recruiting qualified and committed Committee members, staff, volunteers
  • Educating and training Committee members, staff and volunteers
  • Advocating for and enhancing service provision with the involvement of external providers
  • Regularly reviewing all aspects of the organisation

Build Awareness and Develop Relationships by:

  • Responding to the diversity of clients’ needs
  • Communicating regularly with all sectors of the community to create awareness of TMCCA services and eligibility
  • Building strong relationships with relevant service providers and community organisation

Expand Services and Facilities by:

  • Reviewing existing services and facilities against the needs of clients
  • Identifying the need for and delivery of clinical services
  • Planning how best to meet the assessed needs

Enhance Funding by:

  • Accessing available funding from local, state and federal government bodies
  • Community sponsorship and fundraising